Saklikent Canyon

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Saklıkent Canyon, located in the Seydikemer district of Muğla, is one of the most popular canyons in Turkey, but is literally a natural wonder tourism center. It is estimated that Saklıkent Canyon was formed as a result of geological cracks. Moreover, thanks to its high stone walls, it is so long that the sun does not penetrate into it. A steep and deep canyon was formed with the help of fault cracks in the calcareous land that can be easily eroded by water. Tours are made in Saklıkent Canyon in the cool and deep water of Karaçay, a branch of Eşen Stream.

The canyon formed by Karaçay, a tributary of Eşen Stream that draws the Antalya-Muğla border, has a length of 18 kilometers and its walls can reach up to 200 to 600 meters. At some points of the canyon, the rock gaps can narrow up to 2 meters. Therefore, it is almost impossible to see the sky at intervals. There are red pine, cedar and larch forests in Saklıkent Canyon. Red pine trees can be seen at the entrance of the canyon, and black pines about 1000 meters away.

The current of Karaçay is very strong and cold water flows. The bottom of the canyon is filled with heavy flowing water, so it is impossible to pass through it. The entrance can be made via a 200-meter wooden bridge, which is attached to the steep slopes of the canyon with iron bars. After the bridge, there are strong karst springs that are quite cold. 180-210 thousand tourists come to this area, which is used as a picnic place in the summer season.

The surrounding of the canyon was declared as Saklıkent National Park with the Official Gazette dated 06.06.1996 and taken under protection. There are three villages of Kaş and Fethiye each in the 12390 hectare national park area. The plant communities seen in the area are seen as Maquis, Red Pine, Black Pine and Cedar according to the height. While continuing in the direction of Kınık from Patara in the west of Antalya, it is 16 kilometers away from the Saklıkent turn and is very close to the Xanthos Ancient City.

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