Lion Sarcophagus (King's Tomb)

Lion Sarcophagus (King's Tomb) When you come to Kas, one of the places where it is impossible to return without seeing is the Lion Sarcophagus, which has survived from the Antiphellos Ancient City. The reason why we say impossible is that the sarcophagus is located right at the beginning of the Uzun Çarşı slope, it is quite central to Kaş and it is always crowded during the season. The symbol of Kaş, the Lion Sarcophagus dating back to the 4th century BC, lies in the shadow of a plane tree. Lycian sarcophagi look like miniature houses with their roofs and tiny window holes. This sarcophagus was named 'körüstan' by the people. The sarcophagus, which is considered to be probably related to a king or a commander, has a magnificent appearance made by placing two sarcophagus boats on top of each other. In this respect, it also has a monumental atmosphere. There is an 8-line inscription in Lycian language on the pedestal of the sarcophagus. Since there are four dangerously open lion heads on both sides of the lid of the monument, this sarcophagus was named the Lion Sarcophagus. The heads of the lions, which serve as guards, act as handles for the lid. There are two figures face to face on the sarcophagus. To the left is a thoughtful elderly figure, half-dressed, leaning on his stick and crossed legs. On the right, there is a figure of a lady sitting on a chair with her hands in her lap. On the upper side, two figures are shown standing from the front. Of these, there is a cape hanging from the left shoulder of the half-dressed man. Aslanlı Sarcophagus is located at the central point of rent. Our villas in the center of Kaş are at most 10 km from this unique sarcophagus. Coming to Kaş, he visits the Long Bazaar. Well, while you're visiting, you can't go without seeing the huge Lion Sarcophagus, which has become one of the symbols of Kaş. If you have rented one of our villas in the center, it is impossible not to see it. Because many of our villas are only 10 minutes away from the Lion Sarcophagus. Or are you one of those who don't like history? Sorry if you don't like history, you will see the Lion Sarcophagus no matter what. The sarcophagus is one of the symbols of Kaş. If you are someone who likes to buy gifts, most of the Kaş animations in almost all the souvenir shops in Kaş include the Lion Sarcophagus. We think the Lion Sarcophagus is a good choice if you want to buy a gift that depicts Kaş and makes you feel like you came from Kaş for your loved ones. there is no saturation to the taste. Being in history, talking in history and making a spiritual journey thousands of years before you; breathing in the now… You can't understand without breathing the air here before you come, my friend. You should not return from Kaş without touching and walking around the sarcophagus, which is considered to be at least 2400 years old and will take you on a journey in the past with all its grandeur. It happened that you couldn't find it or the person you asked couldn't remember the Lion Sarcophagus; then ask King's Tomb. It definitely shows its location. Because the Lion Sarcophagus is also known as the “King's Tomb” in Kaş.

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