Kekova Island (Batikşehir, Simena, Kaleköy, Üçağız)

Kekova Island (Batikşehir, Simena, Kaleköy, Üçağız) In historical sources, the Lycian cities were affected due to the tsunami that took place in 68 AD, and the sea rising from Egypt flooded many ancient cities such as Myra, Simena and Patara. Ancient city ruins were found under the submarine around Kaş (like Kekova). Due to the damage to the water channels in the region, the people in the region suffered from thirst for an average of 4 months. Kekova (Lycian: Dolichiste) was originally called thyme plain and was called Kekova because it was easier to say over time. There is a lot of thyme in this region and thyme oil is made from these thyme. Kaleköy, with its dazzling view of Kekova Island and its historical castle, is shown among the most beautiful villages of Turkey. After renting the villas in Kaş and Kalkan regions from TR, Kaleköy, where Kekova boat tourers became fanatical, is under the protection of a natural protected area. The ancient city of Simena, a city of the Lycian Civilization, which is thought to have one of the best democracies in the world, is located within the borders of Kaleköy. The strategically important coastal city dates back to the 4th century BC. Artifacts such as kings and rock tombs, ancient theatre, walls and sarcophagi are among the things to see. There are also remains from the Roman Period and the Ottoman Empire in the ruins. Üçağız, a village built on the shore of a natural harbor, is connected to the district of Demre. If you wish to take a Kekova boat tour, you can also join the excursions organized from this port. This is the place some call Kekova Village. Small, cute, self-made, quiet but also very popular. Üçağız is the village where Theimussa Ancient City was located in ancient times. The history of Theimussa Ancient City goes back an average of 2500 years. Some of the surviving structures of this 25-century-old ancient city appear before you in the village of Üçağız. Especially the sarcophagi and the rock tombs give you clues about the burial customs of the time. The neglected state of the tombs, which usually bear traces of Hellenistic and Roman processes, is not overlooked. Üçağız Village is perfect for those seeking tranquility. The authenticity of the stone houses in the village is eye-catching. It almost takes you into nostalgia. The hostels, on the other hand, provided harmony to the region with their wooden and stone architecture. There are fish restaurants and even a few cafes here. And Goat Milk Ice Creams that you won't want to go back without tasting. If you wish, try the goat's milk ice cream in Üçağız Village or Kaleköy. You can reach here by land from Üçağız Village. But my advice is to go to Kaleköy by boat and enjoy the view. Kaleköy, which is located in the eastern direction of Üçağız, is beautiful enough to leave your mouth open. The moment you come across with the boat, a magnificent visual intertwined with the history established down the slope welcomes you. Reminiscent of an oil painting, Kaleköy is one of the most precious places in the Kekova region. The first thing that will draw your attention here is of course the castle on the hill. This is the ancient city of Simena, now Kaleköy. The ruins that have survived from the ancient city of Simena add a great mystery here. The second thing that will catch your attention is the sarcophagus in the water. This sarcophagus, which is the advertising face of Kekova, was caught in the sea water as a result of the earthquake. Simena was one of the coastal cities of the Lycian Civilization. Due to the strategic importance of its location, a castle was built on the hill, and defense and surveillance were made from here. Even though it is a bit tiring to climb the Simena Castle, which stands at the top of the city's acropolis, it is a pleasure to make your way to the castle by meandering through the streets of the village. Walking through the streets of a historical village and reaching the summit, especially the breathtaking view, will make your trip unforgettable. It is obvious that you will take your breath away a little here, but it is worth going no matter what. The entrance fee to the castle is 10 TL if you do not have a museum card. The church, which is located on the right when you enter the castle, was converted into a mosque and opened for worship. On the left, a small amphitheater with a capacity of 300 people, built in the Lycian period but with 7 rows of seats, is located with a view overlooking the sea. On the northern slope of the castle, the necropolis can be seen from the hill. The view of the sunken city across from the top of the castle, Üçağız and the village's own harbor at the back is absolutely breathtaking. Kaleköy can only be reached by boat. Even the primary school children living in the village go to school in the nearby Üçağız village by boat. In fact, your villa for rent can be an option as it is close. Therefore, before you set off, I recommend you to visit and find the most ideal villa for comparative prices. If you want to get information about new different routes in the Mediterranean region, you can check our travel blogs. Hope you discover…

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